About Us

Two musicians with a euphonium and a tubaMichael Cox condutcting at a rehearsalTwo people playing flutesTwo people playing horns Two people playing trombones

The band was first established in 2005 by Lauren Newton; who after becoming too old to play with her youth band found herself with nowhere to continue her love of music. The idea of starting her own band was planted, and after a long summer of planning, negotiating and advertising; Silver Spectrum was born.

On the very first night, 12 musicians turned up to play and formed the foundations from which the band could grow. It now has approximately 40 regular members.

Over the years Silver Spectrum has attracted players from all around the region, country and world, who have come together to share their love of music and performing.  The band has brought together both professional and non-professional musicians who share their knowledge and expertise to create a dynamic ensemble.


Silver Spectrum has a wide-ranging repertoire including Classical, Film & TV, Swing, Jazz and Contemporary pieces; by popular composers Holst, Williams, Sparke, Debussy, and not so well known Gorb, Moussorgsky, Arnold, Shostakovich and many more.

What our members say:

I like it when we get a difficult piece and really work at it until it sounds good! I enjoy the challenge of more tricky music.


I love how I have been there to see the band grow into something quite spectacular. I have met so many different people and experience some amazing times, such as playing at the Royal Northern College of Music. Who’d have thought when we started in 2005 we’d go on to achieve a Platinum Award and then the Gold at the finals of the NCBF. What an achievement, and the best feeling in the world. It makes all of the hiccups and stresses worth it.


I like the regular rehearsals working towards concerts with a lovely group of people.


SSWB gives me a reason to play my flute every week! I know that without it, I wouldn’t have the incentive or reason to keep playing it. Everyone is lovely too!


I love the sense of working together to make music, especially when it’s something that takes work to make it sound good! It pushes me as a player and gives me something to focus my practice. Plus I’ve made many friends through the band!


I hadn’t played my instrument for years when I joined SSWB. I’ve really enjoyed getter my back to playing regularly and making music with a wonderful group of people.


What people say about us:

Great to see this large community band here at the NCBF once again.

Gerard Booth NCBF 2016

Good, balanced program and overall a convincing performance. Good work!

Adjudicator 2015

Interpretation produces a highly musical performance.

Simone Rebello NCBF 2015

I would like to thank Silver Spectrum for the most wonderful concert.  People are still saying how much they enjoyed it and how wonderful the music was.

Carol Hawke

A brilliant band. Don’t just take my word for it, come and find out for yourselves.

Joyce Gambling